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Imagination Isn't For the Weak

A child’s mind is such a spectacular thing! They come into this world with no judgment or expectations. With only the want and need to be loved and happy – it’s safe to say – children know what’s up and they can teach us adults a thing or two!

All of my kids have a wild imagination. Granted, my oldest son (16) doesn’t imaginary play any longer but when he was little and an only child, he relied on his imagination a lot! My middle son (8), I feel, is slowly starting to come out of imaginary play though he still often wishes to be a Master (Lego) Builder when he gets older. My youngest (3), is all about imaginary play. She would live in a Princess dress if I’d let her! Her normal daily routine is to eat breakfast, ask if she can watch “bideos” (I wish I could put a forever ban on Skylander Dad & Fam, Kinder Eggs, and Daddy Finger songs but that’s a discussion for another day), and then runs to add something on to her outfit – whether it’s plastic jewelry, a crown, a dress, you name it!!

Never will I ever tell her or any child they can’t play dress up or make believe. It feeds their little minds – why would I want to stunt that?! So when C wanted to take advantage of a beautiful Virginia day, I said “LET’S GO!”

Today was no different than any other day and she grabbed two things: her mask and her cape. I wasn’t sure exactly what her plans were but I’m glad I grabbed my camera to capture it. For at least 15 minutes she strapped on her Opposite of Far giraffe mask and kept growling and crawling around the yard. I don’t even think giraffe growl but I wasn’t going to tell her otherwise! Have you ever met an angry or disappointed giraffe? Well – me neither but I’m sure it’s not great.

I guess she got tired or itchy from the grass because she traded in the mask for her Pip and Bean cape.  And this cape, you guys. She uses it all.the.time – in the house, in the yard, when we go to the store – it seems to always come along on our travels. This girl is fearless as it is but when she has her cape – WATCH OUT! I mean, super hero capes automatically make you super hero awesome and invincible, right?!?! But seriously, she was “battling” imaginary bad guys (aka anything that happened to be blowing in the wind) and then later that night, apparently she and Spider-man were going to take care of business and protect the city.

Towards the end of our time outside, she combined the two and end up being a super hero giraffe. She was climbing all over the play set and jumping off things she shouldn’t be. But, she was having a great time having fun and that’s what I hope she remembers when she gets older!

And from a parent’s standpoint, all of the imaginary play tired her out which gave mommy a little bit of quiet time! :-)

custom cape: Pip and Bean // giraffe mask: Opposite of Far // giraffe tee and wildflower shorts: Little Faces Apparel

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