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Let's Go Swimming - Kind of

I love warm weather. Living in Northern Virginia is not where one should live if you love warm weather – except for maybe June thru September (if you like hot and humid).  So when we get an unseasonably warm day in April, we take full advantage!

We had a very nice day earlier in the week where it was totally appropriate to go out wearing a tee shirt and shorts – unless you’re my kid. Warm weather apparently means the pools should be open and we must go swimming. It’s hard to explain to a 3-year-old why she can’t go swimming in April. She doesn’t quite understand that the pool is closed and won’t be opening until Memorial weekend. But, I choose to pick my battles and dressing her up like she’s going to the pool when we just lounge around the back yard is not one of those battles.

She insisted on wearing her new SwimZip rash guard and Cheeky Cloth swim diaper and even though these were intended for our trip to the beach later this summer, I let her. I bought these separately but boy do they go perfectly together. As someone who has been diagnosed with skin cancer in the past, I fully support my kids wearing sun protectant swimwear so this is one of a few SwimZip suits she has.


And can I discuss these Cheeky Cloth swim diapers? In years past I’ve always bought the disposable ones but decided to give these a try. They.are.amazing! I wish I had them sooner because you can totally adjust the sizing and they have so many wonderful designs! It’s always smart to have at least two but I definitely plan on stocking up on more!!

turquoise rash guard: SwimZip // reuseable swim diaper: Cheeky Cloth

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