What's the Word?

Surprise....with pictures!!

First, I should admit....I hate wrapping presents. To me it was always a waste of time and while I loved looking at beautifully wrapped presents, I couldn't bring myself to do it. Why spend all that time if it's just going to get destroyed?! Until now....

Well, I'm still not a huge fan of wrapping but it's definitely easier when there's enjoyable things to view. Wrap.Me is a company that helps you create personalized wrapping paper!! I've found this is a great gift with a gift, especially for parents, grandparents, etc. They love the keepsake of the pictures {that you've probably never taken off your computer in the first place} and it's less likely to get destroyed when opening. I mean, what grandparent can just rip through their grandkids' face? None, that's who.

Personalized wrapping paper now doesn't seem like a waste of time or money. Plus, I was pleasantly surprised at the thickness of the paper. It didn't feel like that cheap, barely there paper. It actually had quality that, if preserved, could probably be matted and framed. So again, a gift with a gift!

And like I said, I'm still not a huge fan of wrapping presents but now my awful wrapping job is disguised by those looking at the pictures and not being judge by those perfectionists! Win, win!!

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