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Secure Your Furniture!

Accidents happen; many that are unavoidable. Even when these accidents happen, parents often question or blame themselves on how they could've done things differently. Even in those cases where nothing they did was wrong in the first place, they say over and over, "If I had just done X, then Y wouldn't have happened".

I was in this situation, yet it WAS an avoidable accident. If something bad had happened, I would've blamed myself for the rest of my life!! Yes, the rest.of.my.life!! I've felt "parental failure" before but NOTHING that would've compared in the event something bad had actually happened.

This is Calista.

She's our wild, care-free two, almost three, year old. She's always been on the low end of the charts at less than 5% for weight and height. Right now this nugget is a month away from turning three and she weighs less than 25 lbs.

This was the scene I found after leaving her alone in her room for just a few minutes, running as FAST as I could hoping it wasn't what I thought:

It was what I thought. She had been her curious self and wanted to "climb" to reach something on the top of her dresser. We were SUPER lucky because she was laying in her bed, frightened at what just happened. We were lucky!

I went through a range of emotions. At first I was angry because she climbed. She should know better, right? Wrong! She's two. She doesn't understand cause and effect. Heck, I question if we do because how can a little girl, weighing in at less than 25 lbs, knock over a dresser that weighs so much more than she does that is also holding a TV? EASY! The next emotion was guilt. This could've ended badly, very badly. It was something I've worried about, even more so when we put the TV in her room (don't judge) but still did nothing about it. I knew what "could" happen. I'm familiar with Meghan's Hope yet still didn't take the precautions to avoid this situation. So very stupid on our part.

Now I'm at the stage where I no longer getting emotional discussing it but feel very strongly that this is something that needs to be shared because it could happen to ANYONE! Kids are kids. They really don't know any better. We are adults. We do! Secure any and all furniture to your wall so that your curious, climbing child won't be hurt if it were to fall on them! It only takes a little bit of time and can be a life saver, literally! We are so so fortunately she was quick, and that the chair in her room kept the dresser from falling all the way to the floor. We were lucky the only thing that got destroyed was her TV. We are just....LUCKY!

Please learn from our mistake! Who cares if there are a couple small holes in your wall?! Had this ended differently, I would've let a wrecking ball destroy my wall than have my daughter hurt! A little bit of time and a few dollars will make all the difference in the world!!

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