One Child Bracelet - Turquoise

One Child Bracelet - Turquoise

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Our friend, Emily Williams of Ullosi Photography, is currently heading a campaign called “One Child Bracelet for The Portraits of Innocence Project“. This campaign is to raise money to benefit Operation Underground Railroad which help pave the way for permanent eradication of child sex trafficking through coordinated rescue and recovery planning.

One of the ways Emily is raising money and awareness is by handmaking bracelets and donating all proceeds, with a goal of raising $8,000 in a year. 

This adjustable, leather rope bracelet consists of 7 beads total, 6 natural wood beads with a turquoise colored stone bead in the center. The number 7 is to represent the 7 continents and to symbolize that this is a world-wide crisis. The center bead represents the one child you are helping to rescue from the evils of sex trafficking.

Adjustable sizing:

Child: 4" - 6"

Adult: 5" - 8"

By purchasing this bracelet, $12 will go directly to the campaign (less credit card and shipping fees). You will be able to see this amount donated in your name at If you’d like to make a donation directly without collecting a bracelet, you can do so on the campaign page as well.


Mommy and Me sets are available HERE.


More information on Operation Underground Railroad can be found at


If you receive a bracelet  and want to post a pic of it, please use these hashtags: #ullosiphotography#onechildbracelet #tpoiproject


**due to small parts, bracelets should be worn with supervision and not intended for children under 3 years old**