Little Faces Apparel Affiliate Program Terms


How much does it cost to become a Little Faces Apparel Affiliate?

NOTHING! If you close your account or it is closed due to inactive status after two months, you are welcome to set up a new account.

I just found out my other brand has a non-compete clause and I cannot participate as a Little Faces Apparel Affiliate. 

Please ensure you are legally able to participate in this program without conflict prior to registering.

I have not made any sales from referrals. Why?

We do not guarantee sales through your weblink, but rather we will provide a way for you to refer people to the site and earn a referral fee for any sales made from that referral. We provide conversion trackers for you to monitor the success rate of your advertising along with simple sales training.



What is the affiliate referral fee I earn?

All active affiliates will be paid 10% of sales volume that is associated with their personal affiliate link. All active affiliates will be paid 2% of sales volume generated by the active affiliates they referred to Little Faces Apparel and currently reside on their direct tier. There is no minimum volume required to be paid the 2% on your direct tier's sales volume, but you must maintain an active affiliate account to earn the 2% fee.

Little Faces Apparel Affiliate Program

How often are my fees paid to me?

Affiliates will be paid weekly every Friday for fees earned up to the time of processing payments. 

Is there a way to view my sales activity and fees earned?

You can view all your account activity in our back office dashboard, including sales linked to you and your fee earnings details.



What is my link's cookie duration?

Your affiliate link will remain active for 90 days from the date of the shopper's first visit to the site. Links may be removed by the shopper through technical changes they make to their device, such as clearing their browser history. If you do not see credit for a sale you referred, please contact us within 24 hours with details and we will assist in making an adjustment.

Is there an activity requirement?

All affiliate accounts must remain active in order to remain open. Active status is maintained by receiving direct tier referral sales from your personal affiliate link. Inactive status will occur when no direct tier referral sales have been made within 2 consecutive calendar months. Once an account is closed due to inactivity a new account can be reopened.

If my account is closed or deactivated, can I get my referred affiliates back when I re-register?

All referred affiliate associations are cancelled once an account is closed. No reassociations are available upon creating a new account.



Does Little Faces Apparel share the cost of advertising?

Affiliates are free to use their link on any platform to refer customers to LittleFacesApparel.com. All fees associated with advertising LittleFacesApparel.com using an affiliate's referral link are the sole responsibility of the affiliate, and all advertising contracts must be between the advertising platform and the affiliate.

What name can I use on social media pages and groups?

When naming your social media pages, groups or profiles to promote Little Faces Apparel, you may not choose a name that is official sounding or appears to be owned by Little Faces Apparel. It must include some form of personalization to the name to differentiate from our official pages.

Will there be images for me to use or do I make my own?

The Little Faces Apparel logo is protected under US and international trademark laws, and can only be used with written permission under certain guidelines as described below. An affiliate’s relationship with Little Faces Apparel as a Little Faces Apparel Affiliate is to market the LittleFacesApparel.com website, drive online traffic to the site, and encourage the sales of products featured on the site. When a shopper uses your affiliate link and makes a purchase, you are provided an affiliate fee for the transaction. Under this relationship, you are permitted to create online banners and other graphics that will gain attention and encourage shoppers while online to visit the site using your affiliate link.

How can I include Little Faces Apparel logos on my own website advertising?

The Little Faces Apparel and Little Faces Apparel Affiliates stylized logos must not be altered in appearance, color, shape or angle when included in your banners or graphics. You can not add your personal or business name to either logo as a means to annotate or change the logo. However you can include your name or business name within the same graphic ad where the Little Faces Apparel or Little Faces Apparel Affiliates logo is included.



Can I use the Little Faces Apparel brand logos to create products for marketing purposes?

The Little Faces Apparel and Little Faces Apparel Affiliates logos can not be printed or otherwise affixed to any products of any kind, such as marketing materials (business cards, car decals, coffee mugs) or articles of clothing, home décor, or any other tangible item, without express written permission from Little Faces Apparel. Doing so without permission would be considered creating a branded product line and would be seen as an infringement of our trademark and permissions of use.

Can I create my own web page as a Little Faces Apparel affiliate?

Domain name registry is not something we can control. However it is strongly suggested that you don’t buy a domain name with the terms “Little Faces”, “Little-Faces-Apparel”, “Little Faces Clothing”, “Little Faces Apparel Affiliates”, or with simple modifiers such as “.net”, .”biz”, etc. as it will lead to confusion in the marketplace, and may be seen as an infringement of our trademark. We reserve the right to protect our brand trademark.

Are there other limits when using the Little Faces Apparel logos?

The use of the Little Faces Apparel and Little Faces Apparel Affiliates logos to create marketing materials for the use of, or sale to, another person or business, without written permission, is considered a trademark infringement and expressly prohibited.

We reserve the right to protect our brand and trademarks, and may adjust these permissions at our discretion without advance notice.



Is there an age requirement?

All affiliates must be at least 18 years of age to register an account.



Can my account be cancelled?

Little Faces Apparel reserves the right to cancel an affiliate account at any time for any reason, upon our discretion. 


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